The Asthma Center

The Asthma Center’s clinical experience with Xolair

The Asthma Center specialists have extensive clinical experience with Xolair® and have found this to be a safe and effective medication in selected asthmatic individuals. Individuals taking Xolair® have demonstrated a reduced need for asthma medications, and improved clinical symptom scores and quality of life scores as well as a reduction in the frequency of urgent care visits.

In addition to decreased asthmatic symptoms, The Asthma Center specialists have observed that some individuals also show improvement in skin, eye, and nasal allergy symptoms with Xolair®.

Clinical improvement usually occurs within 3 - 6 months of beginning treatment. Not every individual with allergic asthma will benefit from this treatment, and if no significant benefit is noticed within 6 months, the treatment should be discontinued.

At this point, there appears to be evidence that if you are on allergen specific immunotherapy, you should continue that therapy while on Xolair® since allergy shots have an independent mechanism of action. You can benefit by taking both injection treatments simultaneously.