The Asthma Center

Peak flow meter technique

  • Place the pointer at zero and hold the meter in the horizontal position in front of your mouth.
  • Keep your fingers away from the pointer and vents of the meter.
  • Empty your mouth of food or gum to avoid inhaling any foreign substance.
  • Open your mouth and take in a slow deep maximum breath.
  • Place your teeth on top of the mouthpiece and close your lips firmly around the mouthpiece so as not to permit any leaks.
  • Forcefully blow out as fast as you can with an explosive force in the shortest possible time.
  • Observe your score and move the pointer back to zero and repeat the measurement in 30 seconds.
  • Select the best reading of two or three efforts and record the results in your diary.
  • If you have trouble using the peak flow meter because you are so short of breath or coughing a lot, it is time to increase your asthma medication and speak with your asthma specialist.