The Asthma Center


Meditative processes associated with yoga may provide mental calmness. The calmness can help conditions connected with chronic pain and tension. Individuals who practice yoga traditionally chant a mantra (Om). This helps in concentrating and focusing the mind. This simple chant may have a benefit if you have sinusitis. Recent studies have shown that the sound vibrations from chanting can aid in opening the sinuses. Researchers found that healthy sinuses have high nitrous oxide levels on exhalation. This suggests that air is better ventilated between the sinuses and the nose. When the mouth is closed and a humming sound like “Om” is made, similar results were found. Chanting and humming, therefore, may create sound vibrations which encourage airflow between sinus membranes and nasal passages. These practices may help enhance proper sinus drainage. They also keep the sinuses free of infection.