The Asthma Center

What if my symptoms worsen?

  • Check your peak flow meter readings.
  • Increase your medications as recommended by your asthma specialists for these situations.
  • Call your asthma specialists. In an emergency, a physician should be available 24 hours a day and should be reached during off hours through a page operator. It is a wise idea to determine your physician's availability early in your treatment program.
    If you are in an HMO, call your primary care physician either immediately before or after calling your asthma specialists. If you do not call your primary care physician, you may not get a referral to the ER or for a follow-up visit with the specialist. If you arrive in the ER without a referral, you risk being responsible for the bill.
  • Before you call, be sure to determine what medications and nebulizer solutions you have at home and know the telephone number of a local pharmacy that is open.

Your asthma specialists should give you instructions regarding which medications to take and what danger signs to look for, and they should arrange for appropriate follow-up.